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I’m not dead yet!

Just a quick post to say hi. No finished objects to show just yet. I’ve been prepping for shows (success!), then vacation (fun!) and then recovering from vacation. 🙂 I finally made it into my sewing room yesterday, but I’ve also been hit with a summer cold, so I didn’t make it very far. LOL
I’m still trying to puzzle out narrow upper chest/back adjustments. I can manage it for any flat necklines (that is, no need to worry about a collar), but I’m trying to figure out items with collars. I’d like to keep the adjustments out of the collar and armhole, to reduce chances of screwing either up.
But I did manage to get a couple of things cut out last night. I won’t be able to stitch them for a bit as I realized I need to flesh out my RennFaire costume (it’s currently just an overdress as I buggered up my underdress in the wash last year). I might be very anachrostic and wear leggings underneath (thus reducing my load to a blouse).

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