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Sweatshop Sewing

Rest assured, I have not given up sewing after a packed month of Me-Made-May. No, not nearly. I have, however, been doing relatively uninteresting sewing. I’ve been sweatshop ping armbands for our studio swap meet and boutique, the swap being held last weekend. Add to that my usual full-time job and extra rehearsals for the show, I simply haven’t had time to do anything else!
I sold a few last week. I was incredibly complimented that another vendor wanted to take my wares to a major convention to sell on consignment. I’ll feature some more of those as I stitch up a few more to post down to her. Cross your fingers they catch on. I’ll be reopening my etsy shop to try selling these. I may have found a niche not quite filled by others (and one that doesn’t make me want to hurt someone). Yay!

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