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MMM week two recap

Week two is in the books. It’s still interesting to make sure I wear a me-made item. Really, there’s only been one day where I didn’t want to (it was cold and I was tired). I’m falling back on my very favorite denim skirt as an easy fix. But really, I do reach for it every week. I just have more dresses and skirts I need to wear too. Truthfully, if this had been Me-Made-March, I probably would have been reaching for my Collette Truffle dress about as often (featured this week). Another item that’s so easy to wear.
I’m going to try to wear the items I have yet, as I can manage; some are neither office nor bar appropriate and therefore may not have a venue by the end of May.
I have one undocumented outfit…a comfy tee I reconstructed this weekend. I’m sure ill wear it again before the month is out and I’ll capture it then. 🙂
Starting from the top left, going clockwise:
8. Total Franken-pattern from a few years ago. The blouse is shirting and the pattern the top portion of McCall’s 5522. I fussed the buttons down the front. The skirt is McCall’s 5590, a high-waisted skirt I extended another inch or so (made in a simple bottomweight). I started on this project mere weeks before every one of the major pattern companies came out with a dress in variations on this style. I’ve not made one since, even though I love the look.
9. It’s my birthday! The write up on this skirt is just a couple days ago. It’s my very favorite skirt, Vogue 8603, in a stretch poplin (?) and modified to have pockets. I use pockets more in the summer than winter–lack of coat an all. 😉
10. Casual Friday at work. I wore my favorite tank pattern (McCall’s 6078) with my new hoodie from work. I’m thinking I should have worn one of the plain ones. (I have at least 4 versions sewn up already with 3-4 more cut out)
11. Is actually not featured. It was a dreary, cold and not-leaving-the-house sort of day. I never truly got dressed, so I didn’t even bother trying to find “bum clothes” to it on. I took a pass/made use of my exception this day. (I got plenty done…just didn’t get dressed to do it).
12. Mother’s Day! I spent the afternoon gaming with my parents and ended up gaming I the evening with friends after David’s rehearsal got cancelled last minute. The sweater is Vogue 8831, sewn with a contrast thread and most of the seams on the outside (which were then top stitched as well). The pattern calls for a cowl…but I ran out of fabric. Oops. The leggings, aka crazy pants, are McCall’s 6404 (which I raised the center back on and tapered the ankles a bit…and shortened, naturally). This outfit was all about cozy comfort. After a week or more of 70s, the weather turned chilly with highs only in the 40s
13. A late night followed by an early, chilly morning (we got a hard freeze overnight) had me reach for cozy items. I couldn’t manage putting on heavy tights in my bleary state, so I grabbed my cozy cardi-wrap from Vogue 8138. I’ve made this top several times for friends but I don’t know that I’ll make it again for myself. It’s a nice basic to have in black, but not a style I wear frequently.
14. It’s warm again! I take pole-dancing lessons Tuesday mornings and go straight to the office after, so all my Tuesday outfits have to be packing friendly. My Collette Truffle is in a beefy suiting and fully lined, so it resists wrinkles well. I need to make a summery version of this; the full lining and heavier suiting will make this unbearable in another month.
15. Hey look, it’s that favorite denim skirt again. It’s just so easy to wear and goes with everything.

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