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Me-Made-May ’15

Me-Made-May 15

Wow, it’s been a year since I’ve posted. So many changes, so much sewing. I’m going to try posting a bit more (and other exciting changes). But I think I’ll start small and post this year’s MMM pledge.

I, Michee Rose, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavor to wear mostly me-made garments each day for the duration of May 2015

What do I mean by “mostly me-made garments?” I mean that the majority of my outfit should be me-mades, but I’m not going to worry if I want to wear a store-bought cardigan or one of my many basic tees/tanks (that I have zero inclination to use precious sewing time to make). Or when I’m in pole class: I still haven’t found a me-made top/bra that will work (but I wear me-made shorts). I’m also going to excuse myself on gardening days. I put my garden in during May and there are a couple days where I’m only going to be wearing grubby clothes. I’m not bothering to make sure I wear me-made grubbies. Hahaha.

I’ll attempt to follow any photo-challenges but I won’t guarantee that I’ll do each. I will try to capture a daily photo of my outfit (or outfits as the case may be).

Is this much of a challenge this year? Probably not. Most of my daily wardrobe is me-made (and I’m about to take a serious look at culling my wardrobe further). However, there are a lot of other changes and happenings in my life that I’m not going to commit to a further challenge. I’ve got a fledgling freelance sewing business (pole clothes) starting, I’m performing more (requiring new costuming by mid-May) and a few other changes in store. More on all of this in later posts (or that’s the plan).

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